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has been building and developing both residential and commercial properties throughout Mississippi for over 20 years. Employing an experienced team including an Architect, Interior Designer, Marketing Firm, Surveyor, and four Realtors, Tabor is known for quality in all realms of real estate. While the company has developed projects such as Central Station, Tabor's resume also includes construction and development of client owned properties including The Grill at Central Station, Buffalo Wild Wings, Boardtown Bikes, and Florida Care Properties, as well as the management of over 500 residential properties, 10 Owner's Associations, and 2 storage facilities. Each client experience is tailored to their individual need, with comprehensive services available, including:

Tabor Construction & Development initially opened its doors to provide construction services for it's owners. Over the years, our accumulated skills and industry success have allowed us to offer our knowledge, contacts, and experience to our clients. Due Diligence and Preconstruction Planning are vital to the successful implementation of a project. As such, we believe that effective management of this process remains the most important component of any project.

Tabor has extensive experience in initial land planning, research, and performing due diligence for both single phase construction, and multi-phase land development and construction. Services include:

  • Market Research & Plan Implementation Study
  • Land Planning and Feasibility Study
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Zoning Compliance
  • Obtaining approvals as required by local ordinances
  • Permitting as required by municipality
  • Utility Compliance

Design-build is a method of project delivery in which one entity - the design-build team - works under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services. One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion. We have been applying Design-Build practices to our own projects since our company was formed over 20 years ago. Collaborative project management means work is completed faster with fewer problems.

Working with an integrated team geared toward efficiency and innovation, we meet performance needs, not minimum design requirements, and often develop innovations to deliver a better project than initially imagined. With all professionals contracted through one contract, our company is the sole contact, held accountable for cost, schedule and performance. Throughout the process, we afford our clients the ability to focus on the project rather than managing multiple contracts, deciphering roles and exhausting administrative resources.

We have made it our standard to partner with the best of the best in the industry. Our team of architects, engineers and construction professionals are some of the most respected in the business. By putting both the designers and the builders under one roof, obstacles that likely delay a project are often avoided. And while we can't control inclement weather or unforeseen obstacles, eliminating all other opportunities for delay is crucial to a timely delivery.

Our client's goals are our goals. We believe that the clients involvement with this simplified process is vital to our team's success. Anything less than exactly what the client wants is unacceptable. Through this process, we allow owners to select systems that best suit their needs within the limitations of their budget. We provide comprehensive constructability and budget analysis, cost estimates, value engineering, master scheduling and an effective bidding strategy.

Tabor is Mississippi's leading provider of comprehensive Construction Management. Licensed as both a Residential and Commercial Builder in the State of Mississippi, Tabor has a reputation for quality construction in all realms, offering both a consulting/management experience or complete turn-key construction. Whether we are involved in your project prior to land purchase, or just before Construction begins, we offer comprehensive construction management services, allowing you to be as involved as you would like throughout the process. Our team of professionals maintain communication throughout the project, provide comprehensive records and hands-on management. With a portfolio including Multi-Family Condominiums, Custom Homes, Mixed Use Developments, and a broad variety of light commercial projects, we offer the following services to our clients:

  • Full Time Project Manager
  • Daily Site Visits and Assessments
  • Contract Negotiations and Compliance
  • Quality Control Management
  • Loss Prevention Controls
  • Continuous Value Engineering
  • Comprehensive Budget Tracking, Accounting, and Job Cost Reporting
  • Insurance Requirements and Verification for all Subcontractors
  • Lender Compliance and Reporting

Our goal is the delivery of a problem-free building and a marketable investment. We take pride in our work and responsibility for what we build. We provide our clients a complete and fully operational project, the knowledge to use and maintain it, and the assurance that we are available to help resolve issues should they occur.

Real Estate is still one of the best investment opportunities available. Your investment deserves the services of experienced professionals using their time and expertise to maximize your return on investment. A company that started over twenty years ago to fulfill the management needs of the Owners, Tabor Management has now evolved into a full service management firm managing over 500 properties, including 11 Owner's Associations, 3 Commercial Centers, 2 Ministorage Facilities and 1 Grounds Association. For more information, please visit

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